ligature (2020)

The eleventh becomes the twelfth and there is an inward
there is an inward that grows upward, the twelfth is plastic
Like old food hardening, a tick a range a discrete

The third represents a scan, a fence that runs proportional
there is a fence that borders this, from here to myself
Like a slice in land, a depression that has no meaning

Open this, you will feel inspired to start, to end, to go
there is an intimation you have been avoiding
Like a stone pondering its own surface and texture

The fish is scored along the belly, disembowelled inward
there is a fence that runs along the body, stops at naval
Like a fish swimming against a current, slicing

The most imagined is never a reality, this is plastic
there is movement that is falsely perceived
Like old food, meaning what is outside could be inward

  • Nick Bennett

“New moon eclipses indicate where our unconscious self becomes momentarily more obvious than our ego. In the December 14th eclipse in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury and Neptune, we saw how our loftiest ideals overshadow the ability to accomplish necessary change. Big picture ideas are great if we have follow through, but where does our idealism and optimism lack detail and how can we make changes to accommodate better results? Specifically, it challenges our personal realities. The reality of who we think we are in our internal mind is never the same as the reality others experience of us. What happens when we learn that reality to us, is just a piece of who we really are?”

  • Murphy McCanless

December 13-14, 2020 scanographs