Remote Egregore (2021) ongoing

Remote Egregore (2021) examines expressions of sex and sensuality becoming digital, and the impact of virtual intimacy during the ongoing pandemic. Pornography, online sex, online dating, and social media have, for many, provided gratification and validation without physical intimacy, and has unsurprisingly increased over the course of the pandemic due to a combination of isolation, loneliness, boredom, and stress. Has our dependency on online content led to a culture of inaction, hypersexuality, and addiction? How has the pandemic changed our sexuality for better or for worse?

The time-based video depicts a high-speed download of source files for an online game community with file names including explicit sexual phrases, actions, and body language. This is contrasted by overlaid imagery of the chaotic, impulsive, raw movements of fire, signifying a grounding connection between the digital self and the natural body.